Despak; 01.11.2004 Antalya is 135 km west of the junction in the sea and nature, founded the town of Demre.

Our agricultural sector, excitement, innovation and difference always has been a pioneer.

Tradition from the taste, naturalness and freshness, modernity brought by the main presentation of combined technology and service philosophy.

Balkaria brand seedless watermelon
DYDY special brand domateslerimiz
There are 3 separate brand, the brand, including private biberlerimiz DESY.

ITU GLOBALGAP, ISO 22000 (2005) present certificates.

Our new Web site was put into the publication.

What is traceability?

Seedless watermelon and a new logo and ambaljları Balkaria tags renewed.

Traceability in the manufacturer of bar code on each product that you receive when you enter our web site link in the product traceability from farm to your plate is to follow his travel.

By entering the product barcode product traceability in the search screen, you can follow.
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